Interview with Jammku, former Pro-Gamer

Today joins us Jammku a.k.a. Jammno, former professional gamer, youtuber, and vidya entertainer. We talk about his career, his life, his philosophies, his friendship with Britbong and how he changed his ways.

Check out the Jammku Archive (WIP) to watch some of Jammkus old videos.

Life as a Pro-Gamer

How did you become a pro-gamer?

I started gaming as early as 3. Being part of a poor family, there wasn’t really much to “go out” and do other than play games or climb dangerous things as an unsupervised kid. I had some Asian neighbors who were quite competitive and having no social barriers as a child the conversation would always steer towards video games. Turns out they were very competitive with Street Fighter 2, and with me being the only neighbor decided to “take me in” to the fold and see how much they could teach me. After several months I was able to stand my own and even win some matches. This continued with other games until they moved away, but I was able to surround myself with their friends / family of varying ages, all whom had a huge focus on education. While they were the only real gamers, the others were big on other hobbies that they shared with me (again only being age 6-7.) like math and even violent anime / manga. So I was eventually power leveled, so to speak from a very young age to be able to do complex math and have a different way of thinking. Growing up in the “bible belt” of Texas, most people had helicopter parents who would limit their game-time or even teach them moral values over efficiency, and the education system here doesn’t even touch multiplication or “negatives” or fractions, percentages, etc until 5th-6th grade.

My parents would watch me play games, and would always wonder how I’m even able to figure things out. They figured I was a “savant” and would buy me video game magazines, books, and other things. Having learned to read at a high level at an early age to be able to play more complex games from both bugging my parents constantly while playing and the Asian neighbors and their family circles, allowed me to go even further than anyone my age and most kids in their teens.

One of the first games I made money on was Tetris Attack (Panel De Pon in Japan.). My parents entered me in a local tournament. Essentially it’s a puzzle game where you re-arrange two blocks horizontally to make a match of 3 or more. As those blocks pop, blocks from above will fall, causing a chain. Doing big combos and chains dumps “garbage blocks” on the enemy side, and the goal is to fill their screen to the top. One of the game mechanics is you can raise your own stack faster to have more blocks to play with. At this tournament, mostly teenagers, some kids, and some 30+ year olds, NOT A SINGLE PERSON used any game mechanics to their advantage. Step 1 is to flatten your stack, raise it as high as possible, and start cranking out 10+ chains. Literally no one did this. They’d just let the game’s default speed slowly raise the stack and their actions per minute (apm) was terrible.

Ended up winning the tournament and getting $300. This trend would continue with many games, even beating the original Asian neighbors at a Street Fighter 2 tournament. I became massively money-hungry as I aged, and every action I did with my free time _had_ to be profitable, including gaming. RMT’ing virtual goods, playing in tournaments, even non-vidya things like landscaping or just shitty jobs for grannies in the area.

As far as being “official” with being pro, Halo 2 and CS was a turning point. I had done guides for a website called Renegade Gaming, which had similar like-minded people. Turns out the webmaster and his friends were all doing the same stuff with their lives. So we formed a team and went to tournaments, got signed by MLG to be on payroll, and (they) eventually climbed into the CPL. I was kicked off the team around the time of reaching Cal-I on Counter-Strike due to my overall attitude towards other members and my behavior at tournaments.

What kind of attitude/behavior were you kicked out for?

I was the runt of the team, and I didn’t exactly like how they treated me and how these organizations wouldn’t allow us to talk trash to the opposing team. I felt more like I was just a tool to further the team than an actual member. I always got stuck with the shit duties and was treated much different than the other team members. My RMT was making me loads and I didn’t really care to stay with them but I did get revenge from petty things. Like in CS if a team mate was being an ass and would tap me on the foot (in-game not IRL) I’d full spray team-kill them down even if it was the final round tiebreaker. I really hated that they only did shit like that to me and didn’t really know how else to get them to stop. I’m super glad they disbanded and had a terrible falling out after giving me the boot.

Is Pro-Gaming a full time job, part time job? How much money were you earning?

It was more than full time. Training took 16 hours. I was using school to sleep / RMT / keep up with everything. Earnings once signed were around 60k / yr not counting tournament earnings. After the first 4 months we had to start covering our own hotel / food / travel expenses, so that really cut into it.

What are your greatest achievements as a pro gamer?

Greatest achievement was the Halo 2 / CS and eventually Tekken 4/5 era for just overall fun. It felt great to be able to go to any LAN and just dominate. To be able to go into any lobby and just clean everyone out, AND get paid for it. Tekken was great because there the rules for behavior are non-existent in the fighting game community, I didn’t have to answer to a manager, I did my own thing and could play for free all night at arcades if there were people willing to even try. I lived 2 hours from one of the worlds best Tekken players so we’d get to constantly spar. Fighting games are boring as heck until you get someone truly on your level then it becomes the best thing ever. Post retirement would definitely be when I ran <Get Rich or Die Grinding> on WoW. At one point it was the worlds #1 guild due to its massive size.

What are the most important skills a pro gamer must have?

Most important “skill” would be free time. I might be biased, but I think anyone who isn’t a downie retard can make it if they just spend 16 hours a day training for 3+ months. They actually have to enjoy doing it though. If you hate the game, the people, or your life, it won’t work.

What do you say to people who claim “esports are not real sports”?

I used to advocate esports, but after all the salt of being in MLG (fuck them, seriously.) and watching people get screwed time and time again by organizations, I don’t consider esports to be a sport. It takes just as much autism to lift and run every day and eat all the right shit to perform actual sports, AND pays huge dividends in terms of health and sexual market value. Yeah I’ve seen pro gamers who get swarmed by girls, but literally anyone in high school / college sports gets way more, way higher quality grills than even the top esport cucks.

Why did you stop being a pro gamer?

I stopped due to crippling loneliness, and the fact that RMT was way more profitable with none of the work. I was literally spending my entire life playing video games, never getting to experience anything else. (Never went to prom, never had a high school gf, etc.) Shit stings. Also my original belief as a child was that “video game skill” could translate into other skills or pay dividends. Like an example would be if I spent my life learning music, I could pick up an instrument and play it very well and use that to enrich my life. While I can pick up most new games and have an advantage over 99% of people in terms of game sense and overcoming the challenge VS other players, gaming went WAY DOWNHILL and became TOO MAINSTREAM. Skill ceilings plummeted, games went to absolute shit, and there are even MORE no-lifers who are blessed by being born into rich families that can afford to just NEETlife their way to the top 1%. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have chosen this path.

You mentioned MLG and other organizations fucking pro-gamers over. Whad did you see?

As far as pro-gamer shit is concerned, it’s like any other job. You’re just making some jew more rich. I see it more and more these days with gamers getting “fined” or saying stuff or not being allowed to stream even though it’s more profitable, or controlling every aspect of their lives like a cult would. Using “managers” to enforce their lives be spent training instead of actually living, withholding funds or rigging matchups or even straight up not paying some teams. Even the shittier jobs like working security or reffing events was dependent on how much the establishment liked you. Some security were making min-wage while the ex-gangster mafia dudes were pulling $1k a night. Reffing as a wash-up was $200 a night while active people on teams were pulling $800. The treatment / management of the sponsor/booth/etc “babes” was that of a brothel. They have undercover staff that literally walk around looking like spectators that try to stop any drug sales (Adderall) or people stealing footage of matches. (You can record the fans just not the games themselves.)

They’d have “plants” in the audience that would “win prizes” all the time. Heck I even got to do it once. There’s a VOD out there of me “winning” an arrow quiver full of jerky snacks, while I wore: MLG hat, 2x MLG wristbands, Gunnar Glasses w/ MLG logo, MLG shirt, a temporary MLG tattoo on my left inner forearm, and while drinking a canned Dr. Pepper gripped from the bottom with the logo facing the camera. I had literally sat down in the stands for 30 seconds before “winning” and real spectators (there really aren’t that many.) were pissed af. The camera crews and media team really do their best to make these places looked packed as hell but really crowds didn’t form unless it was a huge Halo 2 match and most other games had very little turnout until StarCraft 2 started getting big. Also for SC2, for the longest time the players were not in booths, but literal fold out tables with cloth on them in front of 40 spectators, with the giant projector of what’s being streamed / recorded and commentators blasting loud as fuck to the area, so the players could literally hear everything Day9 and the other guy were saying about the match, making it super-unfair. At the time I hung with TeamLiquid and heard rumor that Idra was paid more depending on how much controversy he could stir up. (Hence the leaving a match VS an illusion’ed army and not getting fined/penalized for talking crap in what MLG calls “message mode 1” (Or all talk.) Photo (Guy on right is Idra. Guy on right on projector is Day9.) They also notoriously used pre-recorded stuff on their streams to try to spice up “down time” which was made to look like real-time between the players. Also before SC2 got real big they’d re-allocate resources mid-day to the Halo side and pretty much have NO SPEAKERS for the SC2 side for a few hours. (Which they later claimed was cause the players could hear the commentators.) but that was all BS. Idra was weirdly timid at these tournies. He’d use towels to “block the view of the audience” so he wouldn’t see them moving around as he played. Like stuffing under his monitor and stuff and hunching behind it like a gremlin. Also for the console kiddies the set ups were abysmal. Monitors parked on knee high tables = super hunched over gamers.

I could go on about how MLG put a plant in my WoW guild to keep tabs on me from talking shit about them, but the guy that was a plant told me IRL he was and was super cool anyway. Won’t leak his name cause he’s still at it, was a Halo commentator. I also talked shit all the time and he never turned me in. Funny enough when I sold my WoW guild (this was before Activision Blizzard acquired MLG) the new owner was able to get the name changed within the same day, and name changing in guilds was NOT something Blizzard did in WoW for anyone ever, so whoever bought it was totally part of the “in” crowd.

Here’s me reffing behind the velvet ropes.

Guy staring at camera on the right is eG.InControl
I called him InCholestorol earlier that night so he was giving me a staredown.Speaking of cucks, there’s a lot of bad people in high places, even on the “pro gamer” side. TSquared (Halo pro gamer.) mentioned once how he killed his neighbors dog cause it wouldn’t stop barking and interrupting his training. He also shitposted anonymously on /v/, and hated my guts when I’d break the rules and talk shit during matches. There was plenty of examples of this spread across the players, too. One random nobody mentioned how his mom grounded him a month before a major tournament so he killed the pet turtle and blamed the dad so they’d break up and he’d get more game time. It’s pretty fucked. Also LOTS ANDS LOTS of Adderall. Holy shit you get approached to buy / sell more than pot in Jamaica. (Okay not really that bad, but still bad.) Like Liquid.TLO (A super timid looking skinny kid.) would hide drugs inside his “good luck bear” a stuffed animal he’d tell people brings him luck. He’d take off the bears shirt and pull out a baggie full of pills.

One thing that pissed me off was the censoring. If you were ever part of old /v/ or 4chan culture or even StarCraft culture you’d know old Day9 was lewd and crude as fuck. Once he got signed with MLG those days were over. I have it on video where he literally says he cannot mention 4chan at all. (This would continue even in today’s age where he’s the soy-boy he is, doing E3’s conferences and shit.)

Here’s CoD at MLG, empty as fuck (Like less than 20 spectators.)

Pretty sure they cheated / faked viewcounts as well (Like having 100k viewers but only 20 people IRL show up to watch?)

I think I de-railed a bit but yeah, there’s some shady shit going on (and still going on to this day.).

Do you miss pro-gaming at times?

Only thing I miss is being able to “main” a game and pretty much clean out entire lobbies. These days forced matchmaking prevent that and even games like LoL have algorithms to place you quickly with others on smurfs. You’d have to buy a long-standing little kid / girl gamer account to have smurf-grade fun and even then the system will eventually “fix” you. The money would be way better these days but the competitive is also more fierce, or the games skill ceilings are lowered so that more can compete. Pro gaming turned quickly into a “popularity” contest though and with the rise of social media it’s made it more of a “who can get the biggest fan following” rather than having a team of spergy neckbeard savant autists who can 100% focus on a game.

Career as a Content Creator

You rarely created new videos and your subscriber count just barely broke 1000, yet all your Youtube videos had a (relatively) high view count. How did you do it? What’s your marketing trick?

Just tell people about your video, even if it’s in retarded herp-derp meaningless ways on populated websites / forums, but channel pure autism into it, so people keep the thread bumped as long as possible. Do it all over the web.


Shilling on reddit rarely works unless you hit the jackpot and the algorithm hits nicely. Using 4chan = downvotes (which benefit.) = user interaction = front page of results.

The other way is to play the most popular games, and be the FIRST person to release a how-to on something everyone would want to do / everyone benefits from.


Sort of an example (250k views before it got copyright strike’d by Riot. Full video was like 7+ minutes.):
(Someone re-uploaded the only useful part lel.)

For proof of it hitting 250k I used to be able to show off socialblade but I don’t think it tracks that far back anymore, but if there’s a similar sight it should show a massive dip in views when that video was deleted. (Cause fuck Riot getting that cash.)

What would you recommend JMAA, who has been on Youtube for years and still struggles to break 3 digits for a video?

JMAA just needs to provide value to a niche, that’s it. Also the entire boglin crew treats him so bad he shouldn’t have to deal with that. He doesn’t play vidya though so I can’t really help. 🙁

School Life and Education

How did you do back in school? What’s your education?

As far as school, I was a straight A student until about 5th grade, where I moved away from my Asian neighbors into a trailer park, which also moved me from an upscale school to a literal prison-esque school filled with degenerates. I made some low-tier friends and got really fucking depressed about girls, spent 100% of my free time on vidya (Using the school computers to RMT / network / train read / study / etc.) and only did the bare minimum as fast as I could so I could maximize my time on the school computers. Due to living in the “bible belt” gaming didn’t become cool until late high school, which attracted bullies / degenerates, except I was always a loose cannon and would go ape-shit physically the second they “attacked’ me, which always caused much trouble, and would then attract even MORE people to start shit with. “Wahh you hurt my brother now you have to answer to me” “Hey I herd u liek beat up teh st0n3r kid lul I wanna fite u.” So I’d get into a school fight every other week cause it was a shit school with shit kids. It was all dumb shit too. Like some random Asian girls would run up to some nerd kid and rip up his MTG cards. I’d call them cunts and their white knight fanclubs would try to start shit, which I’d immediately answer with violence. Not after school, not out of sight of teachers, but immediate berserk-mode fucktheworld full on ragemode. Even after an altercation where they’d leave me be if they even LOOKED at me in the hall way I’d lose my shit and shove them into a door or something. I made sure my violence was in “self defense” or some other BS so I couldn’t be expelled or suspended too long. My parents would always congratulate me every time I “stood up to the bullies” anyway and it gave me more free time to vidya so it was win-win all around. Some of the shitters that I’d fight wanted to be friends afterward but I never understood why, nor did I give them the time of day.

I did the bare minimum to get by up until late high school, where all the shit I learned in my early years from those Asian neighbors wasn’t enough. It got to the point where I didn’t have the math ability to do the science work to do the math work and all the dumbfuck prison-school teachers would say is “oh you learned that last year.” At that point I didn’t even care I just wanted to die due to crippling loneliness, as all the badboy friends I had were getting mad pussy (from the drugs they were doing / sharing / selling.). I wouldn’t get invited to LANS or anything video game related from anyone cause I pretty much pro-gamer’d all over their faces and it was unfun to play with me. “Hurr no one wants to play with you cause you demand items be turned off in Smash Bros.”

In the last year of high school I stopped doing the bare minimum work and just stopped all together and did my own thing cause RMT and training was taking up all my time. Also being rejected by thots really started to dig deep. At this time “Zanga” existed and was a form of blogging / social media before Myspace. Little to my knowledge you could have a plugin on your page that’d track anyone else’s page who visited. What did I blog about? All the girls at school and my thoughts on them. This lead to more white knights and trouble “ayyy mayne why u talkin bout mah gurl like dat dawg?” and I wouldn’t learn this till YEARS later. (Lul.). Having done no work I didn’t graduate, but got to re-do 12th grade again. Which was all science / math classes, which I could not do, due to not knowing the math required to do the science, nor the math required to do the math. So I rode this as long as I could, using the schools computers as much as I could, made connections where I could (I was the go-to guy for Runescape gold. $7 per million.) I also would sell food to other students. School to me was just a place to sleep, do business, and have nerds pay me for video game shit, since it started becoming more mainstream. All the computer teachers loved me since I’d do their entire semesters work in a few weeks, even doing advanced shit. I eventually would borrow some of the classroom equipment to learn how to do video editing. At this time I had endless free time to learn Flash, some ancient form of Adobe Premiere (video editing) and other stuff. Combined I started making videos for RMT advertisements and other things (Like Tekken combo videos or how to farm / pk on Diablo 2.) and started getting TONS of hits. This transitioned really well for me when google video and warcraftmovies came along. But anyway, back to school.

So not doing any work was grounds for in school suspension, which was emailed out to all the teachers that morning automatically. The schools computers were all connected on a network, and ran Windows 2000. It was quite easy to get into the system and simply take my name off the emails, allowing me to use class resources at my own whim. One of the nerds I RMT’d Runescape tried to blackmail me for a special deal or he’d tell. I didn’t budge, he told, and I was expelled.

I pretty much never did any schooling after that. I could get a GED, then go to college, but why? I wouldn’t do anything with it. There’s no point. I ended up working shit jobs in food service and what not for insurance (which didn’t pay my dental at all and was a big waste.) which lead to me getting social skills, then discovering the redpill which turbocharged them, which lead to getting jobs in sales to sell stupid shit for soyboys too timid to talk to oldfags makes enough money to live comfortably on.

But yeah, fuck school

The WoW Forums Post

You gained infamy on the WoW Forums for creating a thread, offering rewards for the one who can get you a girlfriend. How serious were you in that post? Did you regret making it?

That post was mostly shitpost and a little bit of truth.

I had mingled with plenty of girls, going pretty much to third base (oral) with all of them, but was always a pussy when it came to sex. So of course girls wouldn’t want a relationship cause I wouldn’t go all the way. The first sentence is my yearning for a real relationship and not a sexual fling. It’s also flexing on dem Crushridge kids on how I was the richest player on the server. (It was a lowpop shit server I only played cause a few Diablo 2 acquaintances had chosen to play on it.)

The second sentence was a bait to see how many people would offer up advice. This attracted a vast amount of people from off-server willing to either criticize or help.

Third sentence, just more flexing mostly, since by this point I had Chinafarmers on retainer that I’d RMT the gold for a small price.

Then the self dox. At this point I was post-expelled and getting over the wanting to die phase. I didn’t really care that part of my dox was out there since my life was so boring. The stats I posted were quite pitiful, though being able to lift 120 when having to absolutely struggle lifting the bar when I first started lifting felt like an accomplishment at the time.

Most of the rest of the sentences were lies. I had pretty much done everything but sex by age 11. I did live in the ghetto. Girls weren’t hard. I learned quite early if girls are spending(wasting) time with me that they probably want something, or they’re too timid to say no.

The part about talking 9 hours a day was a real person I had wasted so much effing time with though. That _FUCKING CUNT_ was 100% fake and just made fake internet profiles to try to get male attention. She was a real person that went to my school. I wasted SO MUCH time and got nothing out of it. I never did “hack” any of her stuff to “get revenge” I just stopped wasting time talking / hanging out with her. Since she was totally giving other (more fit) dudes hugs and physical touches but wouldn’t even get near me I learned she just wasn’t into me and to move on.

The jumping from a 3rd story building part. It actually went like this. Teacher steps out of room. I climb out window (third story.). I then hop down on ledge, hop down on other ledge (Now on 1st story.). Hop into tree, climb down a bit from tree, and land in mud. It was pretty much a prison school so the old security guard rolled up on his golf cart and radio’d the vice principals to come get me. The impact of falling 1/2 a story into mud jammed my shoes too deep into the mud to pull out. I was known as a the “window jumper” for a while.

The last part about the “gamer girl” on a dating site. This is a two-parter. Pre and post WoW post. (This is actually the source of that fucking cringe photo of me in a “tool” shirt with red as fuck teeth from drinking Big Red soda.)

The pre-WoW post was that I found a girl on that one major dating site Britbong trolls on. We got a long and talked well. Turns out she had that stupid bullshit Xanga user tracker plugin and saw I had a second account where I mega-posted about girls at my school. She of course cut off all contact after that. Anyways, post meme one of the regulars at an arcade decides to try-hard to be friends with me over learning In the Groove, the American version of DDR. Turns out his friendship circle was very massive, and this girl was part of it, so she gave me a 2nd chance after she learned I’m just a herp-derp troll. I learn pretty quick we’re incompatible and her friends despised me, so it never really went anywhere, but that photo did come from a date night where we went to a loud-as-fuck club in a really scummy part of town that was behind a metal slab door (Like in the movies with the sliding metal looky-hole.) where pretty much 99% of the people there just sat at tables doing all sorts of drugs. I pretty much sat there with my fingers in my ears the entire time while she texted her friend she brought along. I swear that place gave me permanent hearing loss. From my point of view pretty much everyone including the dance guy just roped me in to ride the meme as they were taking photos and writing documents and shit for whoever made

One of the most hilarious parts of that WoW thread was a community manager from the Diablo 2 forums asked if I was the same Jammno from all the Diablo 2 shitposting.

There was some real good that came out of that post. It entertained me for years. I’d google “jammno” and see people on random forums talking (most making shit up.) and I’d register on their vBulletin site or whatever and interact. I had to give up using Aol Instant Messenger cause the second I’d log on I’d get 200+ messages or get crashed off it by skiddos.

I had one half Asian girl super obsessed with me that was half using me for free meals and emotional support. I pretty much rejected sex from her multiple times and eventually told her to fuck off cause she’d be weird about how long we’d do things. I also felt bad (blue pilled) cause she had a boyfriend and was spending time messin’ around with me.

It did start to get weird cause I’d feel like “everyone knows who I am” when out in public, and people would spam call and black fax my job, but eventually that all died down.

(Man, those photos though. I was quite soy back then.)
I had been on a major soy diet for a few years at that point. (Literally soy protein, supplements, and meal replacements.)

Women in Gaming

Could you explain your radical “no girls allowed” policy?

So I refuse to be in a community that allows women for several reasons. Most of the top tryhard clan / gamer guilds out there do not allow women, and for good reason. The majority of communities that allows women go through waves of drama, people white knighting, and generally women tear the communities apart, even if it’s for their own amusement. If I ever have to be in a group / guild / etc where there are girls it’s a waste of time and I’ll never bother. They will either get special treatment from the betas / people that run the clan, they will single out betas or alpha-threats and try to turn the group against them, they are BAD AT VIDEO GAMES. I have met several “pro gamer” girls in my life and the 99% majority are only as good as “no lifer” males at best. The only two exceptions I have seen were at StarCraft and Tekken, and that’s it. (They were both savant Asians.)

Being in a group where the women are the guild master’s wife/girlfriend/etc they will always side with them even when they’re wrong, or they’ll lose out on sex. Gaming attracts MANY betamales, as gaming is a consumer-hobby for the majority, who will white knight for milady’s attention or because their SJW professors taught them to. Women bring up ridiculous drama all the time, they scheme and manipulate and it just isn’t healthy for a gaming community to have. To use Britbong as an example, there was a HUGE difference between pre and post “Summer” era. When half the girl gaymo’s got booted, a FUCKLOAD of betas followed, leaving a gaping wound in the once tight and well-oiled community.

As a guild master in WoW, I had a strict no girls policy, and because my guild was so massive, girls would join for the benefits anyway. So I gave them a chance by telling them if they never ever mention they are a girl and they never use voice chat, act like a girl, or even joke that they’re female, they can stay. It worked pretty well, as the grills would keep a private harem of boys and not reveal to everyone what they were, things ran mostly smooth. Eventually they’d break the rule and get banned and their entire harem would /gquit out and leave a festering wound. (The worst when I kicked the main tank’s gf out once she spilled the beans, forcing him to also leave or be un-sex’d.) I learned that by not giving them this option, they’d be dumbshits and reveal much earlier. Also having this rule kept a LOT of betamales and woman worshippers / SJW’s out as well. I tried to get Britbong to listen to me about this issue but he isn’t spinning plates and having one night stands with random whores, so he’s kinda forced to let e-girls in the community in hopes they visit IRL.

Finally, I just do not enjoy playing video games with girls, at all. Never have, probably never will. Mostly personal choice. I’m considered redpilled and while it has changed my thought process from what it once was, I still had this mentality even before being an incel teen virgin. Well not really incel, just too afraid to have sex cause pregnancy is terrifying, which leads us to…

The Vasectomy

I heard you decided to get a vasectomy, that true? Could you talk about that?

Vasectomy. Yes. I had one. Best decision ever. Not sure about you, but why would anyone in this day and age want to have a kid unless you’re mega-rich? There’s no reason to have a kid. They’re a huge time sink, they interrupt your life, probably will grow up to resent or hate you unless you’re the perfect parent, and just aren’t worth all the time you have to put in just to have someone to give your shit to when you die. Also NOT having a vasectomy is REALLY STRESSFUL if you don’t want a kid. ANYTIME you have sex, protected or not, birth control pill or not, pullout method, etc, doesn’t matter. There’s still that ever looming dread/doom feeling that if you got someone pregnant and THEY decide to keep the baby, you’re 100% fucked. You can say goodbye to freedom, 1/3rd your paycheck, all the stress and worry, all the monetary cost of raising a child, all the time invested to get up fucking early and take it to school. What if it turns out to be a timid beta? A SJW transhomo? A money-begging bum? A rape victim, a drug addict, a retard/downie/dumbass, or even an absolute normie with morals who is against video game trolling? Why would anyone want to gamble their next 18-32+ years (Assuming it became a NEET.) on that just for sex?

Having a vasectomy removes ALL DOUBT, all worry, all stress when it comes to any of that. If/When some cunt pulls a “I’m pregnant” on you, you can laugh in her face and next her immediately. Level headed women are also more willing to sex you if they know there’s no threat of pregnancy, and they won’t try to deceive you into an LTR to babytrap you if they know you can’t produce a kid, so they won’t waste your time pretending to love you. I’ll never have to worry about some random soyboy tootheless shitter knocking on my door one day being like “Hi dad!” or mail telling me my wages are going to be garnished to pay for some fuckboi’s life.

The benefits are astounding. It more than pays for itself. Also it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be if you have a decent doctor.

It cost me $750 without insurance. ( I had insurance but didn’t use it cause my insurance is shitty) I sat on a table. Was told to bring headphones and listen to music during the procedure (I really wish I had done this.) but didn’t cause I figured I’d just “tough it out.”

So I enter the waiting room, lobby is filled with sad looking men with their trashy girlfriends and shitty kids running all over the place. These lads didn’t want the procedure from the looks on their faces but were forced by their girlfriends / wives. From the way their kids acted they weren’t disciplined in the slightest. Oh well not my problem lel. So when it’s my turn I go in, the nurse tells me to change into a medical robe.

I sit on the chair with my legs spread on elevated footrests (Like a gyno place.) and the doctor comes in and talks medical stuff. He rubs some icy cold numbing stuff all over to reduce the pain, and then gives a numbing shot inside which felt like a stiff pinch. Then he uses a pressurized air blast thingy to blast open a hole, which felt like if you took a strong rubber band, and pulled it as far as you could and snapped your balls with it. Then he goes about trying to distract me by asking questions and having me talk. We just socialize normally about random stuff while he pretty much used scissors to SNIP THINGS. OH GOD THE SOUNDS OF THE SCISSORS SNIPPING THINGS IN MY BALLS HOLY SHIT THE WORST FUCKING SOUNDS IN THE WORLD. But I didn’t feel much, just the *snip sniiiip* sounds and feeling shit inside me get cut up. Ugh. Had to take a break typing this shit out from those sounds. Wear fucking headphones!

Anyway, so once he’s done he uses something akin to superglue to hold the hole shut, and tells me no sex / masturbation / orgasms for a month. I lasted two weeks. The intensity of an orgasm wasn’t as strong at first but it returned to normal after a few months. I took a week off work but I was fine after two days. A small aching pain like I had fallen on a guard rail “up inside” but nothing too major. I wouldn’t want to run or lift heavy things, just walking around and sitting wasn’t so bad.

So 3 months later I get sperm checked to make sure I’m sterile and then I check once a year. Costs $25 with insurance. Abstain from orgasms for 3 days then beat off into a cup and get the results in 10 minutes. Only a 10 minute drive so not a big hassle.

10/10 would recommend every non-rich guy get a vasectomy. Most adults have a hard time setting up doctor appointments, especially for ones where you choose to never have a child again, but if your genetics are shitty just adopt if you really want a kid. Statistically if you aren’t a shitty parent adopted kids perform better anyway and live better lives (The ones adopted by 1%’ers at least.)It makes no sense for Americans in this timeline to have a kid unless your household income is 200k+ in a low expense area. (So not Cali/New York.)

You mentioned having a girlfriend a few times. She special? Or do you have no problems with women outside of gaming?

I believe in LTR’s. I don’t associate with other girls on anything more than a business level.

What’s your red pill philosophy on gender roles in our current society?

Men should be masculine, women should be feminine. If they choose not to be, don’t be upset when things stop working.

Do you have special arrangements/agreements with your girlfriend(s) because of this?

No special arrangements.

The Teeth Problem

Now that we’ve already go down that far down the road, why not talk about what’s up with your teeth, next? In new pictures, you got a gorgeous smile, while some older ones are, frankly, horrifying.

Not much to the teeth other than terrible genetics (Most males on my dad’s side lost theirs by age 17-19 completely. I lasted till 23 due to good hygiene.) and acid reflux / terrible diet. No matter how much you OCD brush / floss, drinking a 6 pack of soda a day and lots of starchy carbs / candy / cheap stuff is going to ruin ’em. They were shitty my whole life. (Couldn’t bite into hot or cold things.)

They had a pretty negative effect. People don’t want to be your friend cause you’re too poor to fix them. Girls think they’re disgusting, co-workers and strangers think you’re on meth, cops treat more threateningly, younger people tend to look away, etc. The teeth were always weak and nothing but getting a ton of crowns / root canals would prolong them (which costs too damn much and doesn’t fix the aesthetics problem.). Dentists in this area usually aren’t willing to rip them all out and give you dentures as it ruins the gold mine of constant work over X years, and most are scared of getting sued or something.

One horrifying moment was when I bit into a sub sandwich, and noticed a jagged chunk in my mouth. I had broken a tooth and ate it with the sandwich. Over time the “fang” became smoothed out due to the acid or whatever but for a while just talking would scrape my tongue.

The teeth got so bad that the only way to sleep was to swish my mouth with vanilla extract which would numb the pain for about 30 minutes and then try to pass out before the feeling came back. Oraljel stopped working, and Anbesol had little effect. I ended up driving over 3 hours away to a dentist that was willing to do the work. Since I have no credit most turned me down, but I did have the money saved for the procedure. Found one that let me pay a huge chunk monthly + a bunch up front. Took my life savings but finally got the remaining stumps ripped out, and implant spikes put in that hold dentures. Wish I had done this in my teens. Huge difference. Kinda feels like having a mouth guard. First 3 months my jaw was too weak to bite through a tortilla, and I had to learn how to talk again as the jaw, teeth, etc were all out of whack. Currently have these metal spikes drilled into my jaw. I was supposed to go back years ago and get something more “permanent” drilled in, with another denture made after my mouth had healed but these work so damn well I never did. I was told I can go back anytime to do it since it’s already been paid for. I figure if I have a slump or something goes wrong I’ll get the job finished. The only imperfection of the one’s I have now is the center line doesn’t line up with my nose (Kinda like that actor I forget his name has the same thing going on. The Mission Impossible dude.)

The day of the surgery took something like 9 hours. I remember it being daylight out the window and in the blink of an eye it was dusk. The entire cost of the whole thing was like $3.5k for the anesthesiologist and $60k for the dentist. (Teeth removal, bone grafting, impants, dentures.)

Once I had mostly recovered people treated me so, so differently. If there was a “save point” I had to load it’d be right about here. Had my body reject an implant once, and had to have them drill it back in, while I was awake. That was pretty brutal.

With these bad boys I can bite straight into ice cream or anything hot. Though I can’t feel the heat till it touches my tongue, so sometimes I screw up and put something in my mouth too hot and just kinda have to suffer till it cools. (This kinda sounds retarded.)

Would recommend. Most normies can’t even tell they’re fake. Only had one nurse who could immediately see, who had switched jobs from being a dental assistant.

Lifting and getting /fit/

So I understand lifting is a more fulfilling pursuit than gaming?

Lifting gets you friends and gets you laid. Can also get you modeling gigs but I’ve got a few more years to get down to a sub 13% bodyfat to even have a decent look. I’m not expecting / wanting to model anyway but if I my life was lift-based instead of vidya it’d be something worth doing, aside from the teeth problem.

Lifting has a huge range of benefits. Better sleep. Better sex. Better daily feel. More respect from co-workers / strangers. Clearer mind. No jitters. “Chores” or other things are much easier. More confidence in all situations. There’s no reason for any guy not to lift in today’s society. Just read the sidebar of for motivation.

What are your workout and diet plans?

As for routine I follow Zyzz’s workout without the juice and for meals I generally try to keep it around 1600-2449 for cutting and 3200+ for bulking. When cutting I try to make it a game to spend as little as possible and get as much nutrients as possible.

Was able to hit that with about $2.40 worth of food. I fill in the Omega 3 and acdek vitamins with supplements. I can get it under 1700 if I eat less meat. As for fats I usually make up for that on a cheat meal every 10 days or so, or just eat a fattier meat or use butter or something. For bulking I don’t even count macros except protein in which I usually hit 150+ daily.

I generally try to lift every day unless I over-do it, hurt something, or have a wonky schedule. I try to lift at night but sometimes the gym gets too crowded with shady people trying to sell drugs so I usually skip out if there’s any gangs taking up the power rack.

So you’re a full /fit/-fag now?

I’ve always trolled /fit/ but now I generally just post normie crap.

Do you focus only on lifting or are you getting your whole body in shape?

I generally just focus on lifting. I haven’t done a sprint or cardio since March, and it’s mostly cause lifting makes me really stiff in the legs. (can’t play the hardest DDR songs for instance.) In the past when I was lifting + running I found that over training cardio would cut into muscle gain. Heck, playing DDR so damn much really made me soy.

Britbong and the Britbong Community

(about his recent depature from the Britbong Community)

I hyped for months I’d be disappearing and no one gave a shit. No one on there except like two people even bothered to play multiplayer games anyway.

This picture sums up the majority of the fanbase:

Pretty much how I felt 90% of the community was. They weren’t there to play video games or make friends to do shit with, they were just there to shit talk everyone and make no progress.

I’ve re-joined the community under a different name. No one has heard its voice, seen pictures, and nothing has been shared under this new name. I now have plenty of friends from the Discord that actually play shit with me.

So in the end the persona was too weak to support Britbong and a new name was required. All I had to do was sacrifice my own internet image to do so.

First you were friends with Britbong. Then you were banished and turned into a meme/target. Then you came back, then you left again. What’s the story between you two?

We were always shitposting on /v/ and we eventually started to play vidya together. When he started streaming he eventually got this really shitty circle of friends that hated my guts and essentially framed me for “ebegging” for games in chat (Which I never did.) One of their spergs gifted me H1Z1 then made huge drama about it and he took their side. So I left for a while, redpilled up, and came back once the cancer crew that caused it all was gone. I left as Jammku but I’m back again (though not using voice or interacting too much.).

Not really much to it. I found it fun to shitpost on /v/ and eventually shitpost in video games. But now he mostly plays single player or other non-trolley games so it’s not nearly as fun. Also I got sidelined from paypigs so I felt kinda third-wheel’d.

So you knew him before he had a Youtube channel? Before he started streaming?

Yeah, we both used tripcodes on the /v/ board. Eventually we played Battlefield 3 together.

Why do you still bother with Britbong? Honestly, he doesn’t seem to like you. After your first falling out, he treated you like trash. Still does. As does his fanbase. Why not find someplace else?

I don’t know why I bother other than there’s no where else to go. It’s like the world is normie-fied and there’s no other internet trolls out there that are into the same gig. (Though Britbong brings IRL in the formula way too much.) It’d be nice to find someone that is strictly in-game trolling only and clan-up or whatever with them, but most communities are already overly established or too normie for my tastes.

The dream is to find someone who only does in-game trolling, isn’t concerned with being #1 or making money from RMT, forces a “no girls allowed” rule within the community, focuses primarily on lulz generation and stream sniping while allowing all his friends to partake in raids, and encourages raiding. Every person I’ve tried to foster into this behavior eventually gets a life, gets a swarm of girl gamers that de-rail the community, or ONE sinister person brainwashes 99% of the userbase and changes everything around.

Also Britbong used to actually play video games back in the day. Something happened during the early point of him streaming that must have given him multiplayer PTSD cause it’s so rare now and usually in RP’esque games and not MMO or shooting games.

I’ve tried to integrate with a few other troll communities, and essentially:

  1. They’re too big and have a gorillion 9 year olds that feed the streamer all the items he needs to skip grind phases on games like Rust and then in turn doesn’t use said resources for lulz.
  2. They all just up and vanish one day. Never log into Steam again, stopped uploading youtube videos. Team AVO. Most of the primary dudes went off to college and just fucked off forever without warning.
  3. Their main goal isn’t even to troll or play vidya they just do it for the youtube $$$ or they fake it.
  4. They start trying to attack people IRL which turns into swat wars and other stupid petty shit.
  5. The SJW / Normie chunk of the userbase (the cancer) eventually influences the rest of the community to jump ship or does irreparable damage to the main crew that everyone just fizzles out.

I figured I could just form my own community and make it work, but even when I had thousands of WoW players on at any given time not even .01% of the members were into trolling or creating experiences. They just wanted their virtual shit, and even when BRIBED with in-game riches and officer ranks and what-not to actually go and do trolling only 2-3 people out of 5k+ even did so, and they did it for a max of 20 minutes or so.

With the way youtube / twitch / sjw game devs are going and the current upcoming generation I don’t see anyone in the future trolling in video games. So might as well just get really fuck-huge and call out shitty people IRL for some adrenaline. If you know of any gamer communities that are similar to Britbong I’d love to check them out.

What you’re looking for is a really niche thing. You got a girlfriend, right? So even Incel-communities would deny you. Aren’t there /r/theredpill gaming communities?

I could lie to the incel communities, or try to teach them the error of their ways, but most likely they won’t want to listen or change who they are. Redpill bashes gaming as a “consumerist” activity. (beta activity.) Telling them about making a profit off vidya usually ends in “stem degree / sales are a better path.”

Would it not be better to just drop that requirement? Make your peace with girls playing games and occasionally starting huge drama. Just don’t get yourself involved.

There is no making peace with that. It makes the “tribe” temporary at best, and you constantly have to jump ship or literally be a white knight.

Is it true you got swatted?

I won’t say much about the swatting but they missed their target, and it had nothing to do with any tweets I made. It was 100% Keemstar’s group that did it though.

Britbong is having problems. What do you think they are? What would you recommend him to do about them?

I dunno really, since I never really got personal with him. Lift and eat well fixes most problems for guys. Money isn’t an issue for him and neither is friends, so I’d guess girls? With all the cash, just pay for it.

Future Goals

You got any future goals set for yourself?

Future goals would be streaming / youtubing again, if there was ever a game worth playing, and if I can somehow NOT get agro from like 5 different internet celebrities. I have a new persona that hangs out with the boglins and they turned really grem towards “Jammku” for some stupid reason. Not even in a “bully JMAA” way but as in a “Declare him as an enemy” type. It makes no sense. I mean I did everything but donate money, it just makes no sense. Kinda funny when any newcomer who doesn’t type like a child tries to integrate and they get called me though.

Other future goals I’ve milled about with:

  • Learn the violin. (Living space would drive neighbors / girlfriend insane.) Would never be able to show my face / body doing it due to swatting though.
  • Learn how to code private aimhacks and just destroy indie games. (Lazy trolling. Could take years of sperging over code to learn.) Could circumvent the timesink by just paying $20 a month to some Russian to get the same result.
  • Keep lifting and do parkour to do crazy shit like climb buildings. (Years more work, no gym supports bouldering or parkour nearby.) Would probably get arrested for trespassing on rooftops.
  • Become a pro poker player. (It’s not even fun.) I generally do well cleaning up “Senior nights” at casinos, but every time I’ve went on a cruise and had big money “google engineers” or other smartypants players I’ve always had bad-beats which ruin my mood for months. (When some rich fuckboi says “Oh it’s only $4,000.” Then proceeds to call your 95% chance to win hand and then ACTUALLY WINS?! FFFFFuuuu-“)
  • A few website ideas that’d totally work on the current and next gen for gaming. Won’t say any details but it’s never been done before. I know it’d work I just haven’t made a website since angelfire existed.

A true dream would be to super INFAMOUS, but still allowed on major platforms. Like Pewdiepie levels of fame, but GLOBALLY hated like a villain, not like a Keemstar. Just having a bunch of henchmen to help terrorize the video game landscapes. Join a Rust server, have like 10+ dudes at all times working towards the same goal, but the world would unite to stop it. No IRL hating / trolling, just strictly within the video game. The closest I had to this was running my guild on WoW, I’d have around 1000 players online at any given time but really could only get 4-5 people to roam around and camp players as they quested, no one really gave a shit or wanted to grief like I did.

Alright, that’s all. Thank you for talking to me Jammku. You honestly seem like a good guy and I’m glad you’ve managed to sort your problems out. It must really suck to have invested such large chunks of your life into something you felt passion for but which didn’t pan out and was ultimately harmful to you. However, you clearly demonstrate it’s never too late for someone to start improving themselves. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours. 👍

If there’s ever a popular game worth playing in the long-term I’ll be back at it again under a new name for sure, but I can never have a link to any of my old names in fear of getting targeted again. Oh well, take care.