June 2018: Month of Snipes

During June 2018, a troll named Britbong decided to return to GMod.

This particular game has long been absent from his regular schedule, as it has been an easy target for stream-sniping in the past.

The gremlin faction used the opportunity and came together, with plans to put an end to a long-standing injustice.

10th June – Statement of Demands

Our demands were simple: Give Boyd his $500 back. You have until the end of the month.

Britbong didn’t seem cooperative and wouldn’t return to GMod for another 2 weeks.

23th June – Bizarre GTA V Stream

Out-of-GMod does not mean out-of-reach.

After getting banned from the HighLifeRP servers, he went onto their Discord to discover another snipe attempt has been made. His unban-appeal to the staff turned into an arduous lecture on how to roleplay. From then on, things got bizarre.

25th June – Back to GMod

Protecting Fair Maidens in HogwardsRP

The 30-year-old suspect was quickly chased out of the server, putting an end to his predatory advances.

Fighting Police Brutality in DarkRP

Reminiscent of Ghandi or the Man of the Tiananmen Square, this brave Grem stood up to an powerful oppressor using peaceful means. The 5-man chase scene lasted 3 minutes, traversing the whole map in an 8-shape.

Mildred Confrontation

Next up, Mildred (code name “catfish”) joined. It became painful to watch.

27th June – Breakdown Stream

It’s all too much. Persecution, Meanies on Youtube, Stalkers, Upraski, Caroline, Mildred. In this stream, Britbong poured his heart out.

[article needs to be written]

28th June – Second Life and MilitaryRP

Surprisingly, Britbong decided to return to streaming Second Life this day. Last time this was attempted was back in April.

Greeting by Mildred

Friendly Fire

The poor sob being blocked and being told to kill themselves is actually AlexJapanKid – one of Britbongs most premium fans. Why did this happen?

We can speculate:

  • Britbong didn’t know it was Alex and thought he was being sniped. However, he should have known – he knows Alex goes by the name Colby and also should have known what his SL Avatar looks like.
  • Britbong tried to hide the fact that Alex is an ageplayer from his fanbase. What speaks against this, is that degeneracy in the Britbong Fanbase is already rampant and an ageplayer would just be another drop in the bucket.

Our CIs did not prove helpful in solving this mystery.

The Money Collector

The deadline is closing in…

Groomed by Boyd

Rumors about whether Boyd has curried favors with certain people by gifting them ARK bundles are entirely untrue and unfounded.

Gremlin Defeat in MilitaryRP

In an epic battle for winning the hearts and minds of the admins, the Gremlins ultimately lost.

Not willing to grant the Gremlins a single win,  Britbong was forced to be nice and play normally for the entirety of the remaining stream – ironically, he had to actually roleplay.

Post-Stream Mischiefs

During the Second Life section, Britbong claimed his opposition is too cowardly to join his Discord and confront him on voice. An often made claim, slightyl hindered by the fact that Gremlins are banned on sight (some of them before ever joining).

Nontheless, a few took him up on it.

29th June – The Ultimate Snipe

As the stars aligned, cosmic karma struck on the 29th of June midnight: the ban of the Britbong Discord.

The ultimate snipe, as such, was carried out by the gods of Discord.

While his first thought immediatly went to the Gremlins, the actual perpetrator was quickly determined to be Shadman’s people (how? just is). And thus, a Jihad was declared on Shadman.

[there’s more here… write a separate article?]




One can’t help but wonder:
Would all this have happened if he had given back Boyd his money?
How much better would his life be now, had he just done so all these years ago?



🕯🕯🕯Remember the Fallen🕯🕯🕯