Shadman Feud (ongoing)

The story of Britbong’s and Shadman’s friendship and how it fell apart.

We don’t know how Shadman and Britbong met or how far their friendship went, but according to Britbong, they were “good friends”.

One can imagine that the two outsiders felt a certain kindship towards each other: Both famous internet personalities, both edgy memesters, both professional artists.

Mid-April: First Blood

Britbong lead various raids on the Bad Guys Discord and the Gremlin Discord.

Among other things, Not!Britbong made veiled swatting threats towards Summer (Britbong’s former e-girlfriend) and doxed Jubz (one of Britbong’s former premium donators, who stole Summer heart away from him).

These activities would eventually lead to Discord suspending Britbong’s Account.
(The Britbong Discord was untouched, as it was owned by Pixskull.)

How is Shadman involved? Well, he’s not.
But because Summer is a member of the Shadbase Discord, she and the Shadbase Discord would later be retroactively blamed for this happening.

22th April: First Quarrel Between Friends

Bribong offers first critisms on Shadman’s friendship with him.

  1. Shadman didn’t make Britbong a Discord moderator
  2. Shadman never invited Britbong to any of his streams
  3. Shadman doesn’t talk to Britbong

The claims standing and Shadman (presumably) remaining silent, Britbong’s anti-Shadman rhetoric slowly increased over the next weeks and months.

Devolving Relationships

The relationship between Britbong and the Shadbase Discord began to rapidly devolve.

[If anyone got more of these, please do share]

Intermission: A Sycophants Dilemma

Eventually, JMAA catched up on what was happening. Trouble! He’s had a thing for Shadman! Until now, this was approved of.

Will he choose Shadman, who never acknowledged him?
Or will he choose Britbong, who acknowledges him every now and then?

JMAA decided to cancel – and never mention again – his Patreon subscription to Shadman. Additionally, JMAA now regularly denounces him for the creation of pedophilic pornography.

Sceptic JMAAnatics will want to check up what kind of content Shadman had already produced while JMAA was his patreon (1) and aimed to become a guest artist (1, 2).

26th June: Exile

Things took a drastic turn.

After getting in an argument with Cri (the mentioned “camgirl mod” of the Shadbase Discord; also a former fan of Britbong), our protagonist gets banned. After some nagging, another mod of the Shadbase Discord decides to leave the Britbong Discord, leaving him banned.

Britbong has been finally casted out from the Shadbase community.

Last joking words about Pixskull getting banned would be a premotion of bad things to come.

29th June: Britbong Discord Is Kill. This means war.

It is midnight. TheĀ  Month Of Snipes comes to an end.
With it, comes the finale: The brutal death of the Britbong Discord.

To be more precise, the simultaneous first suspension of Pixskulls account and second suspension of Britbongs account.

Who’s at fault?
The Shadman Discord is. After all, they did it before.

This means war. The accusations are:

  • Pedophilia
  • Whiteknighting
  • Reporting Britbong and getting him banned
  • Receiving favorable treatment by Discord

There will be a come-uppance. And terrifying it will be.

First days of war

So far, nobody besides Britbong and Not!Britbong are really participating.

1st July: The Shadman Rant

[link to the full thing]

2nd July: Duel with Rick

After another raid on the Shadbase Discord, Rick, one of its mods, joined the newly created Britbong Discord and had a heated discussion with the perpetrator.

You know, there are hundreds of people here? If I wanted to raid, there would be thousands of people with there. – Britbong @ 01:48

July: Ongoing Efforts

[to be continued]